This case of being wrong on the internet had me laughing for a few minutes - so I thought I would share.

I was surfing Yahoo Answers at

The question was:

What happens when you eat a bay leaf? I've been told since I was a child that you're not suposed to eat the bay leaf. Is that true and if you do what harm does it do?

There were several answers, most of which were correct in that eating a bay leaf isn't poisonous - just nasty tasting. Also, bay leaves are very stiff and have sharp edges so if they are not finely crushed, there's a very tiny risk they might lacerate your mouth and insides. Whole bay leaves are also a choking hazard for infants and small children - but so are whole dates and grapes! No, the biggest reason folks take the bay leaves out of the soup stock before serving is that they are quite sharply bitter tasting. I just now ran to the kitchen to confirm that.


I suspect that the one answer that was wrong on the Yahoo Answers website, credited to user patrotjon, was deliberately wrong with malice of forethought:

First you start to feel dizzy and then your pulse gets weak your pupils dilate. and then you bleed out and your arms and legs fall off.

Someone was being silly on the internet.

I note with some amusement that no one turned this answer in for being fraudulent.