The VipFaq website is always good for a laugh. We've covered the amazing celebrity gossip aggregator website before on this blog because, really, it can be so very wrong on the internet in some really side-splitting ways. What the VipFaq aggregator attempts to do is collect gossip about celebrities and put them in one place. It makes occasional mistakes when it manages to insert historical figures into its aggregator datebase of famous people.

Today's offering from the VipFaq is from

I will leave it to the reader to weigh just how wrong it is. But put the drink down first and don't try to eat anything either. Here it is:

Who is Horatio Admiral Nelson? Biography, gossip, facts?

Horatio Admiral Nelson (October 22 1816 - December 24 1882) was an American-born merchant manufacturer and political figure in Quebec. He represented Montréal-Centre in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec from 1878 to 1881 as a Liberal. He was born in Richmond New Hampshire the son of Ezekiel Nelson and Ruth Harkins and was educated in the United States. Nelson was a travelling salesman until 1841 when he settled in Montreal. In 1841 he married Maria D. Davison.

Just in case you have forgotten what Nelson was famous for, here's a pic of the Battle of Trafalgar mural in the Houses of Parliament