Today's offering to the Blog God is something I spotted on Amazon. After ordering a new pair of bike gloves, Amazon tried to tempt me with other things to buy. The very first of those things to buy was a "Portland Design Works Shiny Object." I'm not making this up! Here's a screen dump of the shiny object:


What really had me rolling on the floor was the customer review rating of four and a half stars! I had no idea that shiny objects were in such demand that there were 210 customer reviews, mostly favorable. The next time I need a shiny object, I now know who makes them and where I can buy one.

Of course, if you know bikes, you may recognize that this is a gizmo that fits over a tire valve. In this case, this is the end to a CO2 inflation gadget. In fact, if you click the link for the shiny object, you go to its webpage on Amazon where you can see the whole title of the shiny object, which is "Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator."

Of course, what happened here is that the last two words of the product description were cut off on the strip display box that Amazon showed me. That makes today's example of being wrong on the internet a failure of web page formatting curtesy of Amazon's CSS code...