I perhaps shouldn't go after such an easy target as breitbart dot com...but having gotten sucked in on a "discussion" earlier today on this post, I must confess that the temptation too great!

This one is really really basic. Breitbart dot com's proclaimed in a headline that:


They were courageous enough to provide a newsclip vid of part of Biden's actual speech: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2013/02/22/Biden-No-Ordinary-American-Cares-About-Their-Constitutional-Rights-Facebook-Questions-are-Plants

It's not that bad a film clip as it covers about a minute of Biden's speech on the 21st. This was the gun control speech given at Western Connecticut State University at a gun control conference, a speech that was only excerpted in the usual inadequate "sound-bite" fashion by the major news outlets. Personally, I would have liked to listen to the entire speech or have at least read a complete transcript of it somewhere. I did go out and look for one or the other and found neither. It was an interesting clip from this speech that breitbart dot com posted - go ahead and listen to it since it's short.

So far, so good, yes?

Well, actually - No. If you listen to the clip, you'll find that Biden never said that ordinary Americans did not care about their constitutional rights - something that is blatantly untrue. What he did say was that no law-abiding American citizen "has any fear" that their constitutional rights will be infringed. So his actual statement certainly wasn't as provocative as the breirbart dot com headline proclaimed. On the other, what Biden said was as false as the original breitbart dot com headline. There are a lot of folks out there who feel that there are threats to their constitutional rights in the here and now.

Regardless of how any reader here feels about the gun control issue, I think it is pretty obvious that Biden was preaching to a strict gun-control choir in his speech on Feb 21. There were things in his speech that were political arm waving, things that were blunt truths about gun violence and things that were well-formed arguments for more gun control. Whether any given person agrees with those arguments for more gun control is something I'm not going to touch with a ten foot polearm. That's not what this silly little blog is about. All we do here is just expose when someone is wrong on the internet - and today, it was breitbart dot com that was caught with their feet in their collective mouths.