1. If you make a statement presented as fact, be prepared to back it up if challenged on it. There will be days, especially when I have real-world work to do, when my reaction to so-called facts will be: "what's your source of this information?" Peer-reviewed studies are the gold standard of source material; network news reports are not. 2. Opinions are okay but they should be labeled as such. Contrary opinions different from mine are fine so long as they are well-presented, well-supported and polite. 3. All commentary is moderated because spam-bots are ubiquitous. 4. Just because I have a PhD in hard science doesn't mean I can spell. This is my playpen so get over it. 5. Ad hominum attacks and bad behavior are not allowed. 6. The blog owner is the only arbiter of what's bad behavior. 7. Comments with spoofed web and/or email addresses will not be posted.